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The Lost Tomb of Jesus -01 - The Controversy

The Controversy of Jesus Tomb

In March 2007, the Discovery Channel aired a documentary film called the Lost Tomb of Jesus which made remarkable claims about a discovered tomb in jerusalem (define jerusalem) which is claimed to contain the bones of jesus (define jesus) of nazareth (define nazareth) from the Bible. They even claim that one of the caskets bears the title, "Judah, son of Jesus," which would indicate that Jesus bore a son.  They even go as far as to suggest who Jesus wife may have been.  But what truth can be found in this story?

A tomb (define tomb) known as the Talpiot Tomb (or Talpiyot Tomb) was originally discovered in 1980 during a housing construction project in the East Talpiot neighborhood five kilometers south of the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel. The israel (define israel) Antiquities Authority (IAA) commissioned a team of archaeologists led by Amos Kloner to excavate the tomb. The tomb contained ten small limestone coffins of bones called ossuaries.  Six of these ossuaries have names on them including one with the inscription 'Jesus, son of joseph (define joseph)'. 

The recent controversy from the movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus by James Cameron and the accompanying book The Jesus Family Tomb by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino, has reignited interest in ancient documents and fables about christ (define christ).  The reason for the controversy is obvious.  If this is indeed Jesus’ Tomb that contains the bones of Jesus, then He is dead and the entire belief in the Bible, Christianity and Jesus Christ crumbles into dust.

Not surprisingly, these bold claims have been scrutinized by many archeologists, theologians, historians and scholars. 

This site explores the claims for and against the possibility of finding the bones of Jesus.  Additionally, we explore the deeper questions regarding the resurrection (define resurrection) of Christ.

  • Why is Jesus resurrection so important to christians (define christians)?
  • What are the merits of the find of a tomb with the names of Jesus, Joseph and mary (define mary)?
  • What other recent theories or discoveries have cast doubt on the resurrection?
  • Reasons why you shoud believe in the Resurrection.
  • What is apologetics and why is it important to Christianity?
  • Why does it matter if "the Truth" can be known?
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